Brendon Boone is an American actor and writer, known for his impressive contributions to the entertainment industry. He was born on February 26, 1938, in Meridian, Mississippi, United States. From a young age, Boone showed a remarkable talent for performing and a passion for storytelling.

Brendon Boone Career Information

Brendon Boone’s acting career began in the early 1960s when he landed his first role in a local theater production. His natural talent and dedication quickly caught the attention of industry professionals, and he soon found himself working in television and film.

Throughout his career, Boone has showcased his versatility as an actor, seamlessly transitioning between comedic and dramatic roles. From playing the charming leading man to portraying complex and morally ambiguous characters, he has consistently delivered powerful and memorable performances.

Boone’s talent extends beyond acting, as he has also proven himself as a talented writer. He has penned numerous screenplays and plays, demonstrating his ability to captivate audiences with his storytelling skills. His writing has garnered critical acclaim, further establishing him as a multifaceted artist.

Over the years, Brendon Boone has amassed an impressive body of work, appearing in a variety of films, television shows, and stage productions. His dedication to his craft and his ability to bring characters to life has earned him accolades and praise from both critics and fans.

Despite his success, Boone has remained humble and committed to his craft. He approaches each project with the same level of enthusiasm and professionalism, always striving to challenge himself and push boundaries as an artist. His dedication and passion for storytelling continue to drive him to create engaging and memorable performances.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Boone has also been involved in various charitable and philanthropic activities. He believes in using his platform to make a positive impact on the world and has been actively involved in organizations that support causes such as education, environmental conservation, and children’s health.

Brendon Boone’s contributions to the entertainment industry have left a lasting impact, inspiring and entertaining audiences for over five decades. His talent, versatility, and commitment to his craft have solidified his place as a respected and beloved figure in the world of acting and writing.

Brendon Boone Personal Information

Name Brendon Boone
Full Name Brendon Boone
Nickname Brendon
Birthday February 26, 1938
Birthplace Meridian, Mississippi, United States
Country United States
Nationality American
Current City Unknown
Ethnicity Unknown
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Religion Christianity
Language English
  • Actor
  • Writer
House Unknown
Car Collection Unknown

Brendon Boone Education Information

School Columbia High School
University The University of Southern Mississippi

Brendon Boone Net Worth & Salary

As of 2024, Brendon Boone’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million. This wealth has primarily been accumulated through his successful acting career. Throughout the years, Boone has appeared in numerous film and television projects, earning substantial salaries for his performances.

Net Worth $ 8 Million
Salary Unknown
Source of Wealth Acting

Brendon Boone Physical Information

Brendon Boone, at the age of 86 years in 2024, possesses a strong and commanding presence. Standing at an impressive height of 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm) and weighing around 88 kg (195 lbs), Boone showcases an aura of confidence and charisma. His deep black eyes are windows to his soul, reflecting wisdom and life experiences. He has a distinct head of curly hair that adds a touch of uniqueness to his appearance. Despite his age, Boone maintains a dignified and well-maintained physical stature, further enhancing his on-screen presence and captivating audiences with his magnetic charm.

Age 86 years (2024)
Height 88 kg / 195 lbs
Weight 6 feet 3 inches / 190 cm
Eyes Color Black
Hair Color Curly Hair
Shoe Size Unknown

Brendon Boone Family Information

Brendon Boone hails from a close-knit and loving family. He is the son of Dr. Norman Boone Sr. and Leola (Speed) Boone. His father, Dr. Norman Boone Sr., was a respected medical professional, while his mother, Leola, played a pivotal role in providing a nurturing and supportive environment for Brendon and his siblings.

Father Name Dr. Norman Boone Sr.
Mother Name Leola (Speed) Boone
Siblings Unknown
Children Norman Brendon Boone

Brendon Boone Marital/Relationships Status

Brendon Boone is happily married to Karen Jensen.

Marital Status Married
Wife Name Karen Jensen
Last Update March 2024


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Brendon Boone Social Media Profile Information

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TikTok N/A
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In conclusion, Brendon Boone is an accomplished actor and writer who has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. From his early beginnings in local theater to his successful career in film, television, and stage, Boone has showcased his talent, versatility, and dedication to his craft. With his commanding presence, deep-set eyes, and distinct curly hair, Boone captivates audiences with his unique charm. Moreover, his strong family values and enduring relationship with his wife, Karen Jensen, exemplify his commitment to love and support. 


Q: When was Brendon Boone born?

A: Brendon Boone was born on February 26, 1938.

Q: Where was Brendon Boone born?

A: Brendon Boone was born in Meridian, Mississippi, United States.

Q: How old is Brendon Boone?

A: Brendon Boone is 86 years old (2024).

Q: How tall is Brendon Boone?

A: He is 6 feet 3 inches tall.

Q: How much Brendon Boone net worth?

A: Brendon Boone’s net worth is $ 8 million.

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