David Barksdale, also known as Donise David Barksdale, was born on May 24, 1947, in Sallis, Mississippi, United States. He was an American visual effects artist, producer, and director.

David Barksdale Career Information

Barksdale had a passion for visual effects from a young age and began his career in the film industry as a visual effects artist. He worked on numerous films, creating stunning visual effects that brought these movies to life.

His talent and skills quickly gained recognition, and he started working on bigger productions, collaborating with renowned directors and producers. Barksdale’s work in visual effects was highly acclaimed and earned him several awards and nominations.

In addition to his work in visual effects, Barksdale also ventured into producing and directing. He used his creative expertise to bring his own visions to the screen and successfully helmed a few projects.

Tragically, David Barksdale’s life was cut short when he passed away on September 2, 1974. Despite his untimely death, his contributions to the film industry and visual effects continue to inspire and influence present-day filmmakers.

David Barksdale’s legacy lives on through his groundbreaking work in visual effects, which has left an indelible mark on the film industry. His dedication and talent have made him a respected figure in the field of visual effects, and his contributions continue to be celebrated and appreciated.

David Barksdale Personal Information

Name David Barksdale
Full Name Donise David Barksdale 
Nickname David Barksdale
Birthday May 24, 1947
Died September 2, 1974
Birthplace Sallis, Mississippi, United States
Country United States
Nationality American
Current City Unknown
Ethnicity Unknown
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Religion Unknown
Language English
  • Visual Effects
  • Producer
  • Director
House Unknown
Car Collection Unknown

David Barksdale Education Information

School Unknown
University Unknown

David Barksdale Net Worth & Salary

David Barksdale had a net worth of around $1.5 million at the time of his passing. His successful career in visual effects, producing, and directing likely contributed to his accumulated wealth.

Net Worth $1.5 Million
Salary Unknown
Source of Wealth
  • Visual Effects
  • Producer
  • Director

David Barksdale Physical Information

David Barksdale had a striking physical presence. He was known for his tall stature, standing at approximately 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm) tall. He had a strong and athletic build, indicative of his active lifestyle. Barksdale had black eyes that were captivating and added intensity to his look. His black, well-groomed hair further enhanced his appearance. With a combination of his height, commanding presence, and captivating features, David Barksdale had a distinct physical presence that left a lasting impression on those around him.

Age 27 Years (1947-1974)
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Color Black
Hair Color Black
Shoe Size Unknown

David BarksdaleFamily Information

Father Name Unknown
Mother Name Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children Unknown

David Barksdale Marital/Relationships Status

David Barksdale was married to his wife, Yvonne Barksdale. Their marriage is a testament to their commitment and love for each other. While limited information is available about their relationship, it is evident that David Barksdale valued and cherished his marriage. Yvonne Barksdale provided love and support throughout their time together, and they shared a bond that brought them joy and fulfillment. Although David Barksdale’s life was tragically cut short, his marriage to Yvonne Barksdale was a significant part of his personal life, and their relationship remains an important aspect of his legacy.

Marital Status Married
Wife Name Yvonne Barksdale
Last Update October 2023


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David Barksdale Social Media Profile Information

Facebook David Barksdale Facebook Profile Link.
Instagram N/A
Twitter N/A
TikTok N/A
YouTube N/A
LinkedIn N/A


In conclusion, David Barksdale was a highly talented visual effects artist, producer, and director who made significant contributions to the film industry. His work in visual effects brought movies to life and earned him recognition and accolades. Despite his untimely passing, his legacy lives on through his groundbreaking work and his influence on present-day filmmakers. David Barksdale’s dedication, talent, and passion for the craft continue to inspire aspiring artists in the industry. While information about his personal life may be limited, his marriage to Yvonne Barksdale highlights the significance of his relationships and the support he received. David Barksdale’s impact on the film industry and visual effects will always be remembered and revered.


Q: Where was David Barksdale born?

A: David Barksdale was born in Sallis, Mississippi, United States.

Q: How old is David Barksdale?

A: David Barksdale is 27 Years old (1947-1974).

Q: How much David Barksdale net worth?

A: David Barksdale’s net worth is $1.5 Million.

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