Dharni is a world-renowned beatboxer and singer from Singapore. Born on February 27, 1987, in Singapore, Dharni discovered his passion for beatboxing at a young age. He started honing his skills and quickly gained recognition as one of the best beatboxers in the world.

Dharni Career Information

Over the years, Dharni has participated in numerous beatboxing competitions and has won several championships, including the Beatbox Battle World Championship in 2010. He is known for his unique style and ability to produce a wide range of sounds and beats using only his mouth.

Apart from beatboxing, Dharni is also an accomplished singer. He has collaborated with various artists and has released his own music, showcasing his versatile talent as a vocalist.

Dharni has performed on stages all around the world, mesmerizing audiences with his incredible beatboxing skills and powerful vocal performances. He combines his beatboxing and singing abilities to create an unforgettable live show experience.

Throughout his career, Dharni has been recognized for his contributions to the beatboxing community. He has been invited to conduct workshops and give performances at various international events, inspiring aspiring beatboxers and musicians worldwide.

Dharni continues to push boundaries and innovate in the world of beatboxing, constantly pushing his own limits and exploring new sounds and techniques. His dedication, passion, and talent have earned him a well-deserved reputation as one of the greatest beatboxers of his generation.

Beyond his beatboxing career, Dharni is also actively involved in mentoring and supporting aspiring beatboxers. He believes in the power of music and beatboxing as a means of self-expression and is committed to sharing his knowledge and experience with others.

Overall, Dharni’s journey as a beatboxer and singer is an inspiring example of passion, perseverance, and talent. He has left a significant impact on the beatboxing community and continues to inspire and entertain audiences around the world with his remarkable skills and performances.

Dharni Personal Information

Name Dharni
Full Name Dharni Ng
Nickname Dharni
Birthday February 27, 1987
Birthplace Singapore
Country Singapore
Nationality Singaporeans
Current City Unknown
Ethnicity Unknown
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Religion Unknown
  • English
  • Malay
  • Beatboxer
  • Singer
House Unknown
Car Collection Unknown

Dharni Education Information

School Unknown
University Unknown

Dharni Net Worth & Salary

As of now, Dharni’s net worth is $1 million. Dharni’s success in the world of beatboxing and singing has undoubtedly contributed to his financial well-being, and he continues to be highly regarded in the industry.

Net Worth $1 million (Approx.)
Salary Unknown
Source of Wealth
  • Beatboxing
  • Singing

Dharni Physical Information

Dharni is 37 years old as of 2024, with a well-built physique and a height of about 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm). He has a charismatic presence and carries himself with confidence on stage. Dharni has dark brown eyes that exude intensity and curiosity, reflecting his passion for music. He has a distinct hairstyle, characterized by his black, short-cropped hair that adds to his unique style. With his energetic performances and powerful stage presence, Dharni captivates audiences with not only his incredible talent but also his physical presence.

Age 37 Years (2024)
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Shoe Size Unknown

Dharni Family Information

Father Name Unknown
Mother Name Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children Unknown

Dharni Marital/Relationships Status

Dharni is married to his long-time partner, Weronika Heck. They have been together for several years and tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony. Weronika Heck is also involved in the music industry, showcasing her talents as a singer and songwriter.

Marital Status Married
Wife Name Weronika Heck
Last Update February 2024


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Dharni Social Media Profile Information

Facebook N/A
Instagram Dharni Instagram Profile Link.
Twitter Dharni Twitter Profile Link.
TikTok N/A
YouTube Dharni YouTube Profile Link.
LinkedIn N/A


In conclusion, Dharni is a highly skilled and renowned beatboxer and singer hailing from Singapore. With his exceptional beatboxing abilities and powerful vocal performances, he has made a significant impact in the music industry. Dharni’s dedication, passion, and talent have earned him worldwide recognition and numerous accolades, including championships in beatboxing competitions. Through his performances, Dharni continues to inspire and entertain audiences around the globe, showcasing his unique style and versatility. Additionally, Dharni’s involvement in mentoring aspiring beatboxers displays his commitment to nurturing and supporting the next generation of musicians. With his remarkable skills and unwavering passion, Dharni’s influence in the world of beatboxing and singing is undeniable.


Q: When was Dharni born?

A: Dharni was born on February 27, 1987.

Q: How old is Dharni?

A: Dharni is 37 years old (2024).

Q: How much Dharni net worth?

A: Dharni’s net worth is $1 million (Approx.).

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