FaZe Blaze, also known as Lucas Mosing, is a popular YouTuber and gamer. He was born on August 19, 1996, in Vienna, Austria, but he later moved to the United States. Blaze is part of the renowned gaming organization FaZe Clan, known for their professional gamers and content creators.

FaZe Blaze Career Information

Blaze gained popularity through his YouTube channel, where he uploads gaming videos, vlogs, and challenges. He has a strong presence in the Call of Duty community, and his videos often feature gameplay and commentary related to this game.

In addition to his YouTube channel, Blaze is also active on other social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter, where he interacts with his fans and shares updates on his gaming career. He has a dedicated fanbase who appreciate his humor, skill, and entertaining content.

Blaze’s success as a YouTuber and gamer has allowed him to collaborate with other popular influencers and participate in various esports events around the world. He continues to create and share content with his followers, showcasing his passion for gaming and entertaining others.

FaZe Blaze Personal Information

Name FaZe Blaze
Full Name FaZe Blaze
Nickname FaZe
Birthday August 19, 1996
Birthplace Vienna, Austria, United States
Country United States
Nationality American
Current City Calabasas, Los Angeles
Ethnicity White
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Leo
Religion Christianity
Language English
  • YouTuber
  • Gamer
House Unknown
Car Collection Unknown

FaZe Blaze Education Information

School Unknown
University University of Spacebound

FaZe Blaze Net Worth & Salary

As of 2024, FaZe Blaze has an estimated net worth of $2 million. His primary source of income comes from his YouTube channel, where he earns revenue from ads and brand partnerships. Blaze has amassed a large following on his channel, with millions of subscribers and views on his videos.

Net Worth $2 million
Salary Unknown
Source of Wealth
  • Youtube
  • Gaming

FaZe Blaze Physical Information

FaZe Blaze, also known as Lucas Mosing, is a tall and athletic individual. He stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 2 inches (187 cm) and weighs around 75 kg (165 lbs). With his commanding stature, Blaze carries a confident presence both on and off camera. He has a fit and toned physique, which is likely attributed to his active lifestyle as a gamer and content creator. Blaze has striking brown eyes that captivate his audience, complemented by his light brown hair. Overall, his physical appearance adds to his charismatic presence and appeals to his fans.

Age 28 Years (2024)
Height 6 feet 2 inches / 187 cm
Weight 75 kg / 165 lbs
Eyes Color Brown
Hair Color Light Brown
Shoe Size Unknown

FaZe Blaze Family Information

FaZe Blaze, also known as Lucas Mosing, comes from a supportive and loving family. His father’s name is Kristoff Mosing, and his mother’s name is Hemma Mosing.

Father Name Kristoff Mosing
Mother Name Hemma Mosing
Siblings Mia Mosing
Children Unknown

FaZe Blaze Marital/Relationships Status

As of now, FaZe Blaze, also known as Lucas Mosing, is unmarried but in a relationship.

Marital Status Unmarried
Relationship Status In a Relationship
Girlfriend Name Carrington Durham
Last Update February 2024


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FaZe Blaze Social Media Profile Information

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In conclusion, FaZe Blaze, also known as Lucas Mosing, is a successful YouTuber and gamer who has made a significant impact in the gaming community. With his entertaining videos, skillful gameplay, and charismatic personality, he has gained a large following and established himself as a prominent figure in the industry. Blaze’s affiliation with FaZe Clan and his collaborations with other popular influencers have further contributed to his success. With a net worth of $2 million and a passionate fanbase, FaZe Blaze continues to create engaging content, entertain his audience, and leave a lasting impression on the gaming world.


Q: When was FaZe Blaze born?

A: FaZe Blaze was born on August 19, 1996.

Q: Where was FaZe Blaze born?

A: FaZe Blaze was born in Vienna, Austria, United States.

Q: How old is FaZe Blaze?

A: FaZe Blaze is 28 years old (2024).

Q: How tall is FaZe Blaze?

A: He is 6 feet 2 inches tall.

Q: How much FaZe Blaze net worth?

A: FaZe Blaze’s net worth is $2 million.

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